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There is nothing quite like the feeling of immersing in a new place, surrounded by new sounds, sights and smells.

traveling! no more than anything else on this planet expands our horizons and cpnnects us to everything around us.

Our goal is to make a positive impact across all of Costa Rica through our travels, and you do not have to sacrifice luxury to turn standard view into golden moments.

Rio Perdido Volcan Miravalles

Adventure and


Eco-adventure lovers will be delighted with the activities we offer. From exciting zipline crossings through the canyon...

Volcan Rincón de la Vieja

Borinquen Luxe


Enjoy an exciting ride through the mountains, where you will ride on horseback along panoramic trails with views of the mountains...

Volcan Rincon de la vieja

Buena Vista


A place to open the heart and let the soul be free, a place to relax the body and let the mind lose itself in space.

Paq. Nacional Palo Verde

El Viejo Wildlife


Explore El Viejo National Wildlife Refuge and Palo Verde National Park, while sailing on the magnificent Tempisque River!...

Volcan Rincón de la Vieja

Volcano Nature


There are unique experiences that can only be lived in this park, a unique place where the volcanic component is combined with its fumaroles, lagoons...

Paq. Nacional Volcan Tenorio

Paraíso de Aguas


This magical place is located inside the Tenorio Volcano National Park, which offers an impressive landscape worthy of knowing and admiring...

La Fortuna

Arenal Luxe

The world famous Arenal Volcano is iconic. Considered one of Costa Rica's most imposing natural wonders, it is...



Cloud Forest

Evergreen due to the rainfall and moisture-filled clouds that hover over the horizon almost daily...

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these packages allow businesses or families to purchase multiple travel arrangement together, often at a discounted rate.

Corporate packages may incluide transportation service and Dinner reservation to local restaurants.

family packages may incluide transportation, tours, hotel rooms, Dinner reservations etc.

these packages are designe to simplify the travel planning process and make it more affordable for groups to travel together

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