About us Luxe Bae CR

We are a company that has created everything

necessary to meet your needs in the most personalized way possible. Providing exotic and

memorable experiences is our top priority.

Our passion is to

to show you the beauties

of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a world-class destination and it takes a profesional local agent to understand your own needs.

to offer the most personalized service we have top quality vehicules at your disposal, wich are integrated with our travel specialits, who are bilinguals in Spanish and English, professionally trained to provide a service based on high standars so you can enjoy a Pura Vida time in Costa Rica.

We design incredible experiences


Let's make an amazing tour!

Discover the beauty of Costa Rica and let its natural wonders motivate your soul, from the lush Rainforest to the crystal-clear beaches, Costa Rica is a paradise waiting to be explored!!!

wake up with the sounds of monkeys and the smell of fresh coffee, stunning scenery and vibrant culture will ignite your pssion for life!!!

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contact us!!
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